#Operation TheSparrow |

erman147 - ZoRRoKiN

Who are these Turkish hackers?
Turkish Hack Team was founded by Arsenik in 2002. It is one of the oldest cyber teams of Turkey.
It is said that the directors are Bedros Sanches, OnLy, Arsenik, Se-Zer, Ak┼čemsettin, ZoRRoKiN, Thekar1zma, Corsair. There have been many offensive attacks on cyber security in Turkey.
There are many hacking groups in the world. The Turkish Hack Team hacked MSN.COM, the first of its kind, under the leadership of ZoRRoKiN.

NOTICE: We are all over the things we think are hidden and we do not know that they will never be hidden and we do not know what to say on the top of the empty talkers and stop worrying about the hacking of your website and all your databases will be deleted.
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